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Bull Moose Jackson

Bull Moose Jackson

Set in the musical evolutionary path between the Big Bands of the 1930s and the Rock & Roll of the mid-1950s is the exciting and powerful field of Rhythm & Blues.  With nine hit records in the late 1940s Bull Moose Jackson helped establish Rhythm & Blues as a commercially viable musical form, and along the way he became the first Rhythm & Blues artist to receive a gold record for his million selling ballad, “I Love You, Yes, I Do.”

Most importantly, Bull Moose recorded such lively, good-natured, toe-tapping songs that today, more than 70 years later, they still draw new fans to the field of Rhythm & Blues.  And what greater service can an artist do, for his contemporaries and music in general, than stimulate the interest of new listeners, and future generations.

A hundred years from now, when musical historians chronicle 20th Century Rhythm & Blues, Bull Moose Jackson’s name will be mentioned, and his recording of what may be the consummate R&B song, “Big Ten Inch Record,” will be played.

"I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well"

"Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again"

"I Want A Bowlegged Woman"

"Big Ten Inch Record"

"I Love You, Yes I Do"

"Get Off The Table, Mable (The Two Dollars Is For The Beer)"

Classic tunes by the great Bull Moose Jackson!

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